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INNOVATION for a sustainable future

Extraordinary team creating inspiring solutions

Stogger Group brings together top talents to craft reliable, innovative engineering solutions

Driven by a mission to advance engineering and technology, we blend expertise and innovation to meet today’s challenges and shape the future. Our focus: delivering excellence and making a difference, project by project.

Discover our solutions

Turf Care

Elevating turf care through innovative lighting solutions, designed for vibrant, healthy pitches year-round. Ideal for stadiums and sports fields seeking excellence in playability and aesthetics.

Wireless Controls

As your OEM partner, Stogger is ready to enhance your product offerings by incorporating our efficient mesh system, optimizing energy efficiency and operational control for extensive lighting installations.

OEM Partner

Innovation Services

Driving business growth through innovative solutions, crafted for sustainability and reliability. Our skilled team possess a broad range of expertise to deliver dependable, high-quality innovative engineering solutions.


Revolutionizing facade advertising with 48V LED technology, designed for sustainability and reduced power consumption. Our innovative solutions ensure your brand stands out with superior visibility, ideal for impactful and eco-friendly advertising.

Our latest projects

Stogger®  Boosters

Stogger® Boosters at Jakarta International Stadium

Stogger®  Boosters

Stogger® Boosters at Jakarta International Stadium

Stogger®  Boosters

Stogger® Boosters at Jakarta International Stadium

Latest news

Stogger has moved and will move again soon

Stogger has temporarily relocated to Maasbreeseweg 48 Panningen, awaiting the completion of our new, cutting-edge headquarters.

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Join our dynamic team and embark on a journey where your skills and passions drive real impact. Together, let’s shape the future and turn innovative ideas into reality.

Open positions

Apply and join our team

Sale Manager (40 hours)

Responsible for leading and scaling the sales team, developing sales strategies, and building strong client relationships. Key duties include market analysis, sales forecasting, and performance monitoring.

Frontend Programmer (40 hours)

Focused on developing and optimizing user-facing features of our software applications. Responsibilities include translating design wireframes into high-quality code, ensuring the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs, and enhancing user experience.

Backend Programmer (32 hours)

Responsible for server-side web application logic and integration. Key duties include developing and maintaining the core functional logic and operations of our applications, creating data storage solutions, and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front end.

Mechanical Engineer (40 hours)

Tasked with designing and manufacturing innovative mechanical components and systems for our products. Responsibilities include product development from concept to production, conducting experiments and simulations, and ensuring all designs meet regulatory standards.