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The Stogger Group consists of the following entities, each with it's own speciality.
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Stogger Engineering focuses on the development of customer specific products and solutions. Our team has a background in mechanical and electrical engineering, with a dedication to equipment manufacturing, LED lighting, optics, embedded electronics and robotics. Using our engineering design process, we are able to provide our customers with a one stop shop solution: from the start of the project through creative conceptual thinking, by providing working prototypes and up to the final (mass) production.
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Stogger Horticulture focuses on:
- Stadium Grow Light Solutions
- Horticulture Lighting development
- Horticulture Control & Measurement solutions

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Stogger Lighting focuses on:
- Lighting solutions for the sign as well as interior market
- 48V LED module development and manufacturing
- 48V Healthy, broad-spectrum, interior lighting
- 48V 4-channel high efficiency LED driver
- Wireless lighting and LED driver controls
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Stogger Medical offers the FRD-e: 
a medically certified low-cost ventilation assistant developed by Stogger and it's partners. 
The goal is to offer an easy-to-produce solution due to a lack of mechanical ventilators as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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FreeBreathing offers an open-source mechanical ventilation assistant developed by Stogger. The goal is to save human lifes due to a lack of mechanical ventilators as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
SignDeal is a sign maker offering channel letters, light boxes and contour lighting. SignDeal focuses on signs with the lowest costs of ownership, by implementing Stogger 48V LED modules. 
SignDeal supplies signs to end-users and publicity agencies. 

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